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If you have any problems using Lutino, post a top level “Reply” on this page and a technical support specialist or community member will answer your question within 24 hours.


11 comments on “Support Forum
  1. Lunga says:

    Does this app support south African languages. Isizulu, sotho, sepedi? I’d like to learn these languages. Thanks


    • spencery2 says:

      Southern African languages which are supported for text translation include Shona (Zimbabwe), Zulu (South Africa), Sesotho (Lesotho), and Swahili (Tanzania). Voice recognition is only available for Zulu, and none of them support vocalization.


  2. spencery2 says:

    I just upgraded the app to the latest version (v3.0.2.0) and it crashes when I launch it. Help!


    • spencery2 says:

      The latest version of Lutino (v3.0.2.0) has a change in the database which requires a reinstallation of the app to upgrade the database. Unfortunately the message informing the user of this had a bug and so does not show up properly. To fix the problem, remove and reinstall the app. To remove the app, hold down on the app icon until it quivers, and then click the (x) in the upper left corner of the app icon. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


    • prince Mayaki says:

      I tried downloading the app on my LG android phone and it says App inaccessable. Please help


      • spencery2 says:

        Hi Prince,

        Lutino is not yet available for Android devices. The Android version will be available around April 2015. I will send you an email when it is available.


  3. Slaven says:


    Just bought the app & I see that translation do not work all that well. How donI get refund please?


    • spencery2 says:


      I am sorry you are not satisfied with Lutino. Please send your receipt you received from iTunes to “” so we can verify the purchase.

      Please also let us know specifically what is not working for you. Please provide examples where the translation is not correct.

      There is a new version which is in the App Store approval process and will be available within a week or so. This version (v2.0.3.0) may address some of your concerns. We would appreciate it if you could try this version out to see if it addresses your issues.




  4. spencery2 says:

    Lutino is not working since I upgraded to iOS 8. I get the message “The recognition server response data is inconsistent. Please try again or manually enter the text.” Please help.


    • spencery2 says:

      This issue has been fixed in the next release (v2.0.1.0) which will be available within a week or so. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, voice recognition will not work, however you can enter in text manually, and the translation function will still work.


    • spencery2 says:

      The version of Lutino Free just released on the App Store (v2.0.3.0) today addresses the iOS 8 issue and also includes many usability improvements. Please try it out and let us know what you think!


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